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Pier Alpha hosts real estate listings; it is a private, agent only multi-listing conjuction platform, a destination for professionals seeking listings, and a venue where collaborative partners can sell.

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3 ways Pier Alpha can improve your Business

Pier Alpha Features is an industry platform designed for worldwide use. Our team has developed real estate applications that have processed over 17,000 property transactions and developed processing solutions for entertainment, health and commerce then created a simple, powerful and useful tool set for the real estate industry.

Pipelines and reporting

Engaging with those in your own network can be challenging, therefore, we have created simple pipelines and reporting systems.

Search and Speed

Using technology, our search capabilities are super fast and easy to use.

Simple to use

By keeping things simple, it’s easy to drive your platform and transact.

Videos and photos

We can store your videos and photos no matter what the size. Our streaming service has no ads after your videos.


Integrate to your own CRM, systems and services or use ours. You may have your own CRM and system, we integrate through your CRM updating listings VIA XML. We can output to all the major portals, sign manufacturers, graphic designers and to your own website.

Pier Alpha Pricing

To access Pier Alpha simply purchase an annual Membership. When you're ready to start building a team and manage your organisation, or if you want to take advantage of all the additional features and integrations Pier Alpha offers, you can upgrade to Live+.


$99 per year
  • 2 week free trial
  • Single user access
  • Create Listings & Projects
  • View other Members Listings
  • Source funding
  • Create your portfolio history

Live +

Membership + $33.00/m
  • Annual Membership
  • Build Teams & Organisations
  • Real estate portals integration
  • MailChimp integration
  • Google apps & Microsoft 365 integration
  • RealWorks contract integration
  • Pier Alpha api to connect your existing tools & systems


  • *Fee on EOI (Expression of Interest) lodgement on Listings outside your Organisation
  • Payable at time of submission
  • Available with all Memberships

  • When submitting an EOI/Offer on Listings outside of your Organisation a $33 lodgement fee is required. This ensures credibility of offers and builds network reputation and growth

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