Supporting Real Estate Professionals



Pier Alpha Community Members are made up of Real Estate Professionals of all types. Individuals, teams, organisations and Franchise groups. Our goal is to support the industry, support all our members to be as successful as they can be.

Our Pillars are:

  • Listings
  • Network
  • Collaboration

With our Members, we strive to be the largest market for Real Estate in the world.

Members-Only Networking Built for Real Estate Professionals

Get more deals done and solve problems for your clients by leveraging your trusted PierAlpha member network.

Get more deals done and solve problems for your clients by leveraging your trusted PierAlpha member network.

You’re great with people, a born problem-solver, and a dealmaker. That’s why a PierAlpha Membership is right for you. Membership supports you with a simple app that connects you to listings, members, and a collaborative process that builds trust and keeps everyone on the same page.

It all starts when you post your listings via XML/API output or using our online tools to connect your network. If you are new and just starting out, browse open listings, create your own private networks, and connect and collaborate with other PierAlpha members.

By making available an extraordinary network of real estate professionals, PierAlpha supports your goals, helping you to develop your own collaboratives and opportunities. PierAlpha is your partner within the platform, bringing in new members, vendors, sales groups, and other professional connections.

PierAlpha leverages your skill set and provides networking opportunities for those areas where you may need help. Close 20 sales a year on your own or 50 on PierAlpha. If you have a listing you cannot sell, place it on the exchange to expand your audience of buyers and brokers. If you have no listings but have buyers ready to go, find their perfect property match on the exchange.

Your Private Marketplace – The Opportunities Are Endless

On your PierAlpha app your listings are your own, so you call the shots. Share your new deal only with your network or show the entire Membership base.

Our goal is to keep you in control and support you with tools and processes so you can do what you do best. Many of our successful Members operate in private networks, so the more you use the app, the more you expand your networks and your reach. That means new connections and new opportunities.

We want to empower the Dealmaker in you. Don’t have listings? Reach out for referrals . Have buyers for areas where you don’t have available properties? Find a listing broker who does. PierAlpha provides the platform, you provide the engagement and collaboration. The PierAlpha process keeps everyone in the loop and provides transparency when you rate and are rated by fellow members.

Empowering you to do more transactions, help your clients, and simplifying the process. That’s what we’re all about. PierAlpha connects great Agents, Brokers, Builders, Liquidators, Trustees, and Investors. All of these PierAlpha Members use the network to help more, do more, and engage more with the peer-reviewed PierAlpha community.

The Collaborative Economy – How PierAlpha (Net)works

You’re never on your own when you’re a PierAlpha member. Collaborate with your community to build your business, celebrate each professional success, and get feedback on your performance.

You know what builds trust. Communication. Collaboration. Clarity. PierAlpha makes these possible with processes that help community members work more effectively together, even if they’re in different cities, states, or countries.

Review member performance, chat on the platform, join other members for networking events, and co-create organisations to franchise groups. We believe in the Dealmakers, the ones who want to create win-win outcomes for their clients and their colleagues.

When you start out on PierAlpha, your network is just you. Adding your team and colleagues with whom you’ve worked in the past is a great way to grow. Search the membership directory to find people and add them to your network.

Help your team bond when you create incentives like challenges, leaderboards, reports, and rankings. See how you stack up against the members of your network and against the entire PierAlpha Community.

Grow: Solo – Organisation – Enterprise

There are no limits when you’re a PierAlpha member. Control who you collaborate with, what you show, and how you work together. Whether you’re working solo, running an organisation, or scaling up and looking for Enterprise solutions, PierAlpha works the way you do.

Solo – PierAlpha is your partner through your entire real estate career, helping you track and leverage your successes, your network, and your market’s best opportunities.

Organisation – Collaborating as a brand or team; sharing listings and information internally; adding staff; exporting your listings to portals; setting up systems and analytics for financials, marketing, and lead capture. All of these features are available to you, along with the functionality and member tools available to all PierAlpha solopreneurs.

Enterprise – All the same features as Solo and Organisation with the ability to create sub-organisations and have these managed by your organisation managers. Fees and payments systems that run for Organisations also run for Enterprise. Contact us directly for more information.

State-of-the-art tracking, alerts, location alerts, and more are available to PierAlpha members, as well as the ability to find open listings, build networks, and improve client outcomes. At PierAlpha, we’re here to support all of our members.

To access Pier Alpha simply purchase an annual Membership. When you're ready to start building a team and manage your organisation, or if you want to take advantage of all the additional features and integrations Pier Alpha offers, you can upgrade to Live+.


$99 per year
  • 2 week free trial
  • Single user access
  • Create Listings & Projects
  • View other Members Listings
  • Integrate your CRM or use ours
  • Create your portfolio history
  • Photo storage

Live +

Membership + $33.00/m
  • Annual Membership
  • Build Teams & Organisations
  • Real estate portals integration
  • Video streaming
  • MailChimp integration
  • RealWorks contract integration
  • Pier Alpha api to connect your existing tools & systems


  • *Fee on EOI (Expression of Interest) lodgement on Listings outside your Organisation
  • Payable at time of submission
  • Available with all Memberships

  • When submitting an EOI/Offer on Listings outside of your Organisation a $33 lodgement fee is required. This ensures credibility of offers and builds network reputation and growth
* indicates required

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